April 13, 2015
Getting caked. It just always happens in Peru.

My brownie cake. (On my birthday)

This is the chapel in Negritos. It has the coolest roof in the world. It is like a tiki-shack.

Adventures on the beach!

For dad. Lighthouse pictures!

 This is my new companion, my branch mission leader, and me.

This is a flamingo. I didn't even know they even existed in Peru!
March 23, 2015
Our return trip to "Atlantis" after more than a year. #Cambios

Flood of the week in Piura! First time needing my umbrella.

Our act in the multi-zone conference. We were all burned hahaha.

Our service project - painting a house.

Men in black. @ stake conference

Stake conference.

March 9, 2015
The compies from the CCM are now zone leaders!

And here is almost the entire gang from the CCM, now all zone leaders!!

Las palabras de la gente sabia.

This is one of those wallet shots for all the fans.

Two Boy Scouts putting our skills to the test!

Maracuya plants! Super good.

The whole gang in Chulucanas.
March 2, 2015

"Foreber" I love Latins!

A wonderful baptism.

A huge lunch provided by Sister Reusche!
February 16, 2015

February 9, 2015
Another opportunity to sing. The three of us performed together.
February 2, 2015
The waterfalls are quite pretty.

With Elder Schreiber! He loves me so much!

A big bunch of old friends from different areas all together.

We loaded 19 missionaries into 4 motorcars. Yeah, things got pretty hectic.

Here I am on the trail to the waterfalls in Carachucho. This place is called "Las Cataratas de Caracucho".

A picture of the city-wide service project. I ran into the Sanchez Family again!

The even more complete collection of Peruvian coins. These include all of 2014.
January 26, 2015
A T-Shirt I found in our room from older missionaries. I thought it was a balling idea, though I don't think the zone would approve of putting their names under Pokémon. Oh well, maybe someday.
At Papa John's with President Calderon, Sisters Workman and Maidana, my companion and me as well as other leaders who I knew from my time in Santa Julia. 
January 19, 2015
The gang at the seminary graduation: Yo, Hermana Maidana, Hermana Workman, and Elder Schreiber!

The 3 musicians: Yo: the voice, La Peruana: the violin, Hermana Workman: piano
At Chili's with some other Elders in the zone.
January 12, 2015
The photos are all with my family-away-from-home, the Sanchez family. They made us tacos on my last day, gave me a new hairstyle, and took pictures with us before I left. They are the best.

December 29, 2014
Here is the grand reunion with Brayan from Capullanas!

This is the district at the Zone Conference with the President for Christmas

The two zones in Piura sang at the mall two days before Christmas. This is the "select choir" haha.

Here is how to celebrate Christmas morning: Eggnog!!

The Christmas Party!

The Christmas Team! It was a wet P-Day as we had a water balloon war. Good times.

December 1, 2014
When sewing just isn`t an option: we super-glue our chest pockets.
To celebrate Thanksgiving as a district, we made turkeys and wrote what we were all thankful for. We then all posed with our turkeys.
And then, because we are crazy guys, we had a Thanksgiving feast filled with the greatest foods Peru has to offer (We were pretty sure we made the potatoes with spoiled milk, but oh well).

Here is my last shot with my Gringo compy: Elder Eddington. Sad times.

Here is my first shot with my Guatemalan compy: Elder Chen. We are getting ready for Christmas with everything up to the ties.

The before and after of our service project. Let`s just say that great big smile I had on in that first picture wasn`t there after the sunburn.

November 17, 2014
I bought THE BEST hand drum in the world. Yeah, that is Pikachu you are seeing on my drum.

I also was with my companion and another Gringo: Elder Palmer last week for two days....and so we made pulled pork sandwiches, Peruvian style. It was la ley!!

Elder Eddington and I had to use all of these sauces, and so we made pancakes and put on all of the sauces to finish them up.

And then...we ate them. YOLO.

November 3, 2014
This is from the Miguel Grau Museum. This is Miguel Grau himself: muy guapo no?
Then this is the ship of Miguel Grau. He won battles and stuff on it.
To finish my adventure in Miguel Grau`s house, I took a picture with his bust.

Then, one night we were planning when suddenly we heard a kitten purring, and found that a little kitten had broken in. Elder Eddington decided to take care of it until 10:30.

I made my wonderful return to the Catholic church in Catacaos and took another great picture to remember the awesomeness.

This is my new district in Piura Central: Hermana Juarez, Hermana Ransom, Elder Perez, Elder Palmer, Yo, y Elder Eddington. Amen y amen!
October 20, 2014
On the last night of transfers, the sisters presented me with a cake they made. Casi lloré. (I almost cried.)

The casa capilla in Pueblo Nuevo. 
October 13, 2014
My companion and I in Colán.

 This is of the dish I had today. It is some kind of fish dish that contains shrimps, scallops, and is FULL of spices. It was nice and spicy, and correctly named, "pescado a lo macho" (macho meaning only for REAL men!
October 6, 2014
So first things first: I ran into Elder Schreiber in a conference in Piura! It was exciting to see the lad again.

I also received an awesome package from Mom and Dad in which I received this great squirrel! 

The artistic mind of the youth here in Pueblo Nuevo. ¡Disfrútenlo! 


Here are the photos from the beach! The whole zone.

Elder Gandarillas y Yo: "Fuuuusión!" 
September 29, 2014
Here is the picture of part of the crew from the CCM: those who are now District Leaders: Elder Baker, Yo, Elder Tunney, Elder Fordham (#compañero!), and Elder Evans.
September 22, 2014
Baptism of the Coveñas Rodriguez family and another young man.

We went to "el arco" (named for this rock structure in the water that looks like a boat) today for P-Day. It is the most dangerous of all of the beaches in Paita, but the prettiest.

September 15, 2014
Elder Villalba did get the chance to baptize someone! Here I am with him right before he got to perform his first baptismal ordiance in the mission field!
We also celebrated transfers with sandwiches. (Lógico!) We are the district of foreigners who all love Perú.
Here is my almost-complete coin collection of soles. I am missing just one coin. Anyways, you can all enjoy this almost-complete set.

To celebrate our second-to-last-day, Elder Villalba took me out to a nice, chicken dinner. It was quite the fiesta.
September 1, 2014
At the meeting of District Leaders, I ran into two very good friends of mine, and old companions: Elder Benitez and Elder Fordham.

It is my first picture with Elder Fordham más flaco (thinner).
The district: Begonias....without the S. We are the best district in town.

Also, this was the last PDay for an elder, so we egged him and then got him a  piñata to bash. hashtag: almost there.
August 18, 2014

August 11, 2014


Beach Shots!

So this week we ran into two new aquatic friends: crabs and a sea lion! I was pretty much pumped up beyond words. The sea lion did get beached though, so that was a little scary, but with our lovely district prayer, we are sure that it won`t die. Que fe hahaha.

 Here is a district shot. It is from the car ride to "La Tortuga" (the beach we went to this week).


Sending home some love: Here I am with a nice rocky-mountain background.

This other is me in a nice, bat-filled cave. Seriously, right after the picture, a huge of wave of bats flew out and we screamed like sisters and ran.

So that you may all enjoy the beach with me: here is a super awesome beach shot. Seriously, I will miss Paita when I get transferred!

And what would be the beach without this guy on it?

This is the whole gang (our district) on the beach itself. Party!

July 28, 2014
To celebrate the many parties we had this past week, we as a district made the delicious snack from Chile: Completos. They are hot dogs with a bit of guac, huancaina, and well a lot of good stuff haha.

We had fun with laser beams!

What would be a Peruvian birthday party without eggs on the head? For Elder Hamblin´s birthday, we gave him two, nice eggs on the head.

For Elder Perez...well we went overboard with ten eggs. I think it made their days even more special.
July 21, 2014
Off to Lima! My first time wearing this awesome sweater in almost one year!

And just to prove it to everyone, here is the video proof of our airplane on its way to Lima.

"Mondonguito a la Italina" Yes, hermanos y hermanas: this guy ate cow stomach. It tastes a lot like calamari.

Here it is, the moment you´ve been waiting for! The temple in Lima! One year later!!!

This is one for the wallpaper on your cellphone: this guy at the house of the Lord. Amen! 

And just because a P-day at Paita wouldn´t be complete without pictures from the beach: here is Elder Rich at a private beach. No pare la fiesta.

Just some nice shots of the Gringo más guapo en Paita, Peru. Save some wallet shots if you´d like!


July 14, 2014

Last week we had a bad P-Day turn into a great P-Day, where we climbed a mountain to see a lighthouse. It was super cool. Therefore here I am at a Peruvian lighthouse #dad.
Also, well...I won’t explain this other photo, it is just pretty cool.

Enjoy this lovely mountain/sea shot. Seriously, I should get paid for this shot.

Here is our new friend! Remember how I had animal friends in Tumbes? Yeah, well this is my new dog friend: Buddy. He comes by in the afternoon before we leave and at night when we get home to get a little water and a small snack. He’s a missionary’s best friend.

July 7, 2014

We had a birthday fest for the new and first deacon in Pueblo Nuevo! Jon is the new deacon here and we are all very excited for him!

Last week we went to the pier in Paita for P-Day. It was also a holiday: "The Feast of Saints Peter and Paul" which is a huge holiday for fishermen. So, we took lots of shots with the ships, animals, etc. We got to see a seal, a stingray, and about 10 million pelicans.

A photo of the zone Paita. Good times!

June 23, 2014

The adventures in Lima! This is the hotel we stayed at: waaaaay nicer than I expected. The best part: hot-water showers!

Hombres Trabajando. Amen, Hermano.

And now the photo with my new companion/hijo! Day one with Elder Villalba!

A pic of the troublesome two at the beach. Good times.

Annnnd of course one special shot for the ladies back home.

Two more awesome shots for all of the fans. Love those beach days!

June 2, 2014

Because You All Love This Guy

Elder Schreiber is quite the artist. This is just something he did because he was bored one night. ¡Que talento! 

We had an activity with two districts and so we showed up at Paita a little early. So, we treated ourselves to a little 6-soles breakfast. ¡Bacán, hermano!

Because you all have that one favorite Gringo, I decided to treat everyone to a little photo-fest. Enjoy these lovely shots of that one, special Gringo.

May 26, 2014

So I took a few photos this week and wanted to share some with the family.

The first is from when we lost power. All of Pueblo Nuevo was without power for like 4 hours during the night, and we were out teaching, so we had to walk back home in the "ghost-invested" town (people are pretty superstitious here). Scooby-Doo, where are you?!

Then this is one of the side of our house. We didn`t paint it, but it happens to be Jesus, so that works out pretty well.

The last is the sunset in Pueblo Nuevo. It is pretty stellar and I just had to share the sight with the folks back home.

May 19, 2014

Here is Pueblo Nuevo for everyone to see. It is quite the lovely little town in the middle of nowhere. Bacanazo.

And here is an awesome wall painting of Jesus and his parents. We call it the "Brad Pitt Jesus" picture.

This is my new companion: Elder Schreiber. We try not to go swimming....everyday.

This is also my future companion: the penguin. I didn´t know they existed in the wild beaches of Paita, but hey, here he is!

The beach here in Paita, Perú. 

Me. Nada más.

Pelicans. Nada más. 

Another beach picture in Paita, Peru.

May 12, 2014

So here is Brayan and me at the house of Hermana Azucena and Hermano Abel with all of the art of Abel behind us.

Brayan also gave me his tie, so we are showing it off a bit.

Hermano Abel, me and Hermana Azucena.

 As well as a little bit of karate that I learned from Abel. He is like the Peruvian Mr. Miyagi.

This was a piece of art that Hermano Avel drew for the district. It was our little way of remembering Capullanas and a crazy birthday party for a crazy Gringo.

Okay so here is my new area: Pueblo Nuevo. It has a super pretty view and it is just super pretty (compared to my other areas, I mean). I like it a lot, especially at sunset.

This is of the new district after our little sketch for the Mother´s Day activity. It was very fun and involved, and we got a lot of cheers for our wonderful costumes. #superman

This is for my mom for Mother's Day and for all the other mothers in my life.

April 28, 2014

The return trip to Tumbes!! It was crazy to see the difference in scenery from Piura back to Tumbes.

And well, here was the big welcome back to Tumbes sign. 

Here is the gang of Gringos who went to Ecuador to get our passes. We sat in this blasted car for 5 hours to Ecuador and then back. This was the only time we smiled, haha.

And here is the "bandera" (flag) of Ecuador. This is about all we saw of Ecuador. Not much. 

Me and Mono. So for our P-day today, we were all "monkeying around" yohoho. We went to another Zoo-ish thing and saw some cool animals and made some friends. Like this monkey. Except...after the photo he spat on me. Oh well.

So this is not just any squirrel, but a squirrel from Peru. Everyone who knows me will enjoy this photo. 

Also, I have no idea what animal this reindeer-like character is, but he is quite the looker. 

 This eagle is super awesome, and we even got him to screech. So yes, this is a real photo. I am very proud of my photo skills.

 Here is the zone. We are all just the most hermoso equipo in the mission. 

And just to show off the good looks of the zone, we decided to take a photo next to the pool to reflect our smiling faces and glowing personalities. 

April 21, 2014

Victor's Baptism

April 7, 2014 BDAY PICZ

So here is the first cake from my birthday. 

The bishop here bought it for us to share, and so our whole district with the bishop and his family enjoyed a night of chicken and chocolate cake! 

So yes, as Peruvian tradition, I got caked. The worst part was that is was my hijo and my zone leader who did it. 

However, I think the cake-over did complement my Peruvian-skintone very well.

So here is the 2nd cake, made by Alex. A three-milk cake. SUPER RICO! I first got a picture with Bryan.

The 2nd picture is the whole gang: Elder Quispe, Elder Maravi, Elder Gomez, Alex, Bryan, and Victor! An awesome night!

March 31, 2014

So here is the new district of Capullanas! We all went out to eat Chinese and Pizza as a district today. The group as of now is (from left to right): Elder Quispe, Yo, Elder Maraví, Elder Gomez, Hermana Stringham, and Hermana Rivera. 

March 24, 2014

This was from the last P-Day when we all bought matching T-shirts for the district. 

Elder Gabedia played a lovely sonnet for me on the piano. Truly hermoso.

Here is the party we had with Alex and Victor. Alex made freaking amazing lasagna, and we all enjoyed the final meal together as a district.

And then this past Saturday we had service in the church, so I decided with my lovely, new T-shirt on I would preach the Gospel from the pulpit. 

March 17, 2014

Alexandra's Baptism

March 3, 2014

We helped with a wedding a while back and this first photo was just a requirement. It was too good of an opportunity to pass up.

Here is a picture with my friend, Bryan, at his baptism. Super exciting!

From P-Day last week* We meet some wonderful animals, but the most memorable was the parrot (loro) who spoke in English and Spanish. Very talented!

This sign is just a good reminder to take care of those plants in our lives. Very spiritual and moving, indeed.
Translation of sign...Take care of/guard the trees/plants, They take care of/guard your life!

February 17, 2014

So time for new pictures! 

This is just about the coolest slot machine I have ever seen. So, yes, now it is on the blog so that all may enjoy such a wonderful invention! (I think it has a great name: Pakémon)

And well it is sad, but alas here is my final picture with Elder Benitez. In our last day, we did a service project and so we thought this would be a great last picture to end our companionship.

To celebrate the final day with Elder Benitez, a super awesome member in the ward, Alex (who also made the cake for Elder Benitez´s birthday) made a whoooole bunch of tequeños. ¡Asu macho! Bien bien rico. I will try to learn how to make them so I can make them for everyone back home!

And, yes it is kind of like an older picture, but here is the new district in KFC. Elder Gabedia is still here as the District Leader, and now we have two new ones: Elder Castro (an elder from my group, sitting to the right of me) and Elder Quispe (my new hijo).

January 13, 2014

Here we are in the Iglesia Católica de Catacos. Super  pretty, super antigua, and well just a good little site to visit! So really just the same spot, but one a bit more zoomed in. Thus, the zoomed-in picture is Jesus Christ with Pedro (Peter) and Juan (John the Revelator). Super cool, right?

I thought this was super cool: Jesus Christ lined up with His 12 apóstoles de antigüedad.

Just to prove I was I am in la iglesia in the front with all of the lovely art pieces. Memories indeed! 

I hope you all enjoy the lovely ceiling art and the great Catholic depictions of the Lord, Jesus Christ.

Also, I am beyond words excited because today I purchased (por fin) my first zampoña! And also a lovely case for it, but in total, it was 22 soles for the whole thing! I am just one happy Gringo!

January 6, 2014

So, here I am with my lovely paneton in preparation for la Navidad (sorry if I already sent this is just a classic!)

Also, here is my updated coin collection. Who knows, maybe I will get the whole set by the time I finish my mission!!

Ok, the baptism! Here is Elder Benitez and I with the 3 niños who were baptized. I baptized the one closest to me, Maria. 

Also, this is a tradition here in South America for New Year`s: create stuffed mannequins and then burn them at midnight. So, there was one directly out of our window and then about 10 down the street burning for like 15 minutes. Very....unique cultural tradition.

So, yes. I am an official member of Mystery Inc. with Scooby and the gang. We are solving crimes, bringing in justice, and sharing the Gospel with all who will listen.

Also, we finally got to eat KFC! After 5 months of no super-fried chicken, I ended up with a severe stomach-ache after the lunch and almost died in the bathroom. Life without greasy fast-food sure is different!

December 23, 2013

Ok, so from my last week in Tumbes: here is my super awesome district from way back when (3 weeks ago). Yes, we are quite the bunch.

Also, this is how I celebrated my last day in Tumbes: with a delicious cooked seafood lunch! ¡Bien rico en verdad! (Very rich or tasty indeed!)

This is a picture with my new companion/hijo, Elder Benitez in the mall close to our area. 

Aaaaand here is the new district! Indeed we are all quite ready for la Navidad! 

And here is the entire zone of Piura Central during our Christmas party with the Presidente!

We all got to enjoy Pollo de la Braso and also some great Paneton (fruitcake), which is the most delicious Christmas dish here in Peru, as they say. I had to take a piece to verify.

Anyways, so 2 weeks-ish before Christmas is Elder Benitez`s birthday, and so we celebrated this past Saturday. 

We had the old ward mission leader come over and the recent returned missionary in the ward stop by to share a cake with us that they had made, and well after singing and wish-making, Elder Benitez got a "taste" of his cake. I think he really liked it!

Yep, Elder Parra and I made a reunion! ¡Que bonito! 

And well, here is just a photo to help everyone remember one of the truest statements in the world: sin amor, no hay vida. (Without love there is no life.) The best part, is that this is spray painted on the wall next to church, so every time we enter the church house, my companion and I recite these words of wisdom. Somos locos. (We are crazy.)

December 9, 2013

The Zone for my Third Transfer in the Mission. And yes, the best zone I have had so far. Unfortunately, there were other cameras going off here, so just Elder Lucas and myself are looking...but it is the thought that counts, I guess! My companion is in the yellow shirt on the back row.

December 2, 2013

So the first is for everyone to play "Where’s Waldo" except it is so easy that you probably will find me before you finish reading this sentence. Yes, I am dead center in the very back, and yes it is just my lovely, large head. But anyways, this is the entire mission in Chiclayo.

 The second is from today when we went to a different zone to have lunch (my companion’s old zone) because the pensionista there makes a lot of food and it is all bien rica. (super tasty). So, here is the entire district (the best district) after a 4 course lunch. I am quite pleased indeed.

November 25, 2013

These are the last two pictures with Elder Chavez and I.

So here was the baptism of last week for Jasmani. The bishop (obispo) baptized him and we got to watch, and I got to do another solo in English, woot woot. 

So, I wrote more about this in my big letter, but I ran into Elder Moses!! He is in my misión!!! I was so surprised yet so happy.

My new companion taught me how to put pictures on the agendas so now my agenda looks "baller". The cover is the birth of Jesús Christ for Christmas and the back is the First Presidency. As you can guess, I taped the back which is why it looks way worse than the cover, but oh well, I like it!

November 18, 2013

I apologize for the wait, but here are first off the pictures from the baptism of Manuel Suarez. Here is yours truly with Manuel, both in our baptismal clothing, and both ready to get into the super cold water! (Really, I think getting in the water was the hardest part!) 

This one is with his mother, sister, and niece. 

This is the adapter that doesn't work on these computers, but is still awesome because it has my name. Yep, worth every sol. (penny)

Also, this is just some random statue in one of the parks in the city of Tumbes, but I am an art fan and so I wanted to share it with you all so you too could enjoy the wonderful world of art in Tumbes, Perú.

Here is Lúkuma, the resort that we went to last P-Day. Que bonito indeed! I hope you all can appreciate the stark contrast of this resort with the landscape of Tumbes, I don’t know that this picture does it justice, because it really is just a little slice of a resort in the middle of sand, sand, and more sand.

And here are (or I guess now… "were") all the missionaries of Tumbes at Lukuma!

A picture with my companion, Elder Chavez.

Wellllll, I had to take one with my American counterpart from my group so here is Elder Holmes (yep) and I enjoying Lúkuma.

October 14, 2013

This is the beginning of my coin collection here in Perú. In Perú, the one sole coin has 13 different images besides the standard image, for collectors. So, I am now on a quest to collect all 13 in the next 2 years, and so far I have 6. As you can see, they  are quite lovely indeed. 

Mom wanted a picture of me looking like a missionary. :-)

October 7, 2013 Pictures

So here is Hermano Andres, one of the most spiritual men I have ever met. He is always smiling and laughing...except when there is a camera in front of him. Hahaha, but really he is super funny and very wonderful.

Here are two friends of mine that greet me in my room every morning: the rabbit that the people downstairs own and this blue bird that always drops by the window in the morning for 5 minutes or so. I have yet to name them but I am taking suggestions!

September 30, 2013 Pictures

A "p-day" (preparation day) excursion to the Archaeological Site of Cabeza De Vaca (cowhead)

Cabeza de Vaca Archaeological Remains (Tumbes)

An archaeological site made from adobe and stone and occupied, according to researchers, since pre-Inca times, during the reign of the Chimú culture and probably the Inca period too. Pottery, bones and stone instruments have been discovered here, as well as a workshop in which shells including the Spondylus and other molluscs were worked on. An 8 km path has been discovered built from worked stone, connecting this archaeological site with the coast. Other findings include an irrigation channel and a truncated pyramid or adobe huaca known as the "Cabeza de Vaca" or "Cow Head", 250 metres long, 100 metres wide and 15 metres high. - See more at:

A selfie inside Huaca del Sol.

My companion, Elder Chavez, and I behind an adobe wall.

On our way back, we walked by a playground and decided to play on it. Here is Elder Hoffman attempting to slide down the slide.

September 16, 2013 Pictures

This is my wonderful new haircut/style, along with a can-do attitude fit for the blazing hot weather of Tumbes, Perù.

One of my favorite Peruvian treats, Casino cookies. This one is peanut butter flavored, a true delicacy in a country where peanut butter is like 20 soles.

There is a lot of art in Perù, especially in public parks or shopping areas. This first one is this cool little stage in the middle of a park. A lot of things here have Christ on them, because it is very Cathlolic here. I like it.

And... the ugliest fish in the world. Possibly part Beaver?? 

Second Week in Tumbes (10/16/13)

Here is the man who was baptized with his mother, and the other hermano who baptized him (his friend). And then Elder Chavez and I got to join in on the action. A really great experience, indeed.

A picture of the missionaries who arrived to Piura with me.

So just a picture of a delicious treat here in Peru. It is like a Twix-ish thing that is quite delicious.

Left Over Pics From CCM and Pics From The Mission Field!!!

 Hermano Mostacero (one of my teachers) Illegally comming upstairs to get a picture with me!

Elder Rich AND Elder Rich

Elder Vanderwood and myself. He and Elder Harris (I accidentally deleted his picture) were in my room after the Latinos left. We loved having them with us.

This guy thinks he is Batman, just so everyone knows. HE is in the room across the hall. I just had to get a picture.

This is Elder Evans and me.

Everyone in our room (except Elder Evans). Me, Elder Vanderwood, Elder Larsen, Elder Fordham, Elder Harris and Elder Evans.

Elder Evans, Elder Holmes and me, the cool crew.

At the end of 2 weeks, when a group leaves, everyone in the CCM (all of the Elders and Hermanas) go up to the top floor of the dorms and sing "God Be With You Until We Meet Again" in Spanish (although we got everyone to sing the last verse in English).

This is me taking a Selfie in the President´s house. I am mad that he has a palace for a home. You will see mine soon.

My President, President Rowley, and his wife along with my new companion, Elder Chavez, and me.

This is my house. One room for the desk, bed, fridge, and dresser. We have a bathroom on the side but no door, so there is a curtain separating us from the toilet and shower. One setting: Cold. Great Fun.

Just some art in the heart of Tumbes. A lovely Catholic church ( I think).

A lovely statue in the middle of Tumbes. 

The color wall one is huuuuuge and literally is the center of the city. However, I am not in the city, I am in the village area, you will see soon.

More art in the heart of Tumbas. 

Even though I live in a very small place, we do have an amazing view of the town, but it is even better at night because it is all lit up. I love the view.

Also, these are motorcars and they are used when we have a super long way to walk. Otherwise, we walk everywhere on sand roads basically and teach in huts. Lima was like the rich people world compared to my new area.

Final CCM Pictures

The Elders in my District going to Piura and 1 of our teachers.

An Empanada and a cup of Inka Cola

Elder Olsen drew portraits of each of us in the district.
He drew me as a Pokemon Master Missionary!

Notice the Resemblance!

Rama Manti: We leave the CCM on the 27th.

Week 4 Photos

Pizza Party with Papa John's (Furnished by our teacher)

Elder Parra leaves for Piura with Elder Tunney and me

Elder Parra and me

The old Big 3 of Music

Elder Bernuy before he left for the field

Elder Holmes and Me in front of the temple

Week 3 Photos

Streets of Peru

EEllddeerr PPrriinnccee, a mannequin, Elder Fordham

Me in front of the CCM

My companion and I in our new Peru shirts

We all have them!!

El Grande Cuatro - We are very close!

Dax's First Pictures

Dax's District

Elder Fordham and Elder Rich

Elders Fordham, Rich, Prince, Evans (DL)

Dax's district saying goodbye to the Latino elders who leave after 10 days because they already know Spanish!!
In the CCM

Dusk at the CCM

Cien Nuevos Soles

Cincuenta Nuevos Soles

18 Nuevos Soles

El Uno y Solo 

Lima Temple

The Big 3 of Music!!


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