April 20, 2015

Best Quote in a Market (April 20, 2015)

"You think about getting married, not about buying in a market!"

Elder Williams and I went to the market today because we have the same interests and therefore buy successfully together. While there, we ran into an awesome Mario piggybank and the guy there saw our interest and offered it to us for 10 soles. Elder Williams thought about it for a second, and the guy said the above phrase, which in itself was enough to win us over. So now we have a Mario piggybank and peruvian clothes from peruvian name brands that we bought afterwards. #Peruviangoodness

Anyways, it has been a good week. We ran into nine new people to teach, gave one of our investigators a Book of Mormon in English, took a selfie with the same one, and got a visit from the Mission President. President Rowley came to Negritos with his parents in-law to speak at our Branch Conference, and it was awesome because after a whole week of literally inviting everyone to come, we had four investigators there and a bunch of less actives. It was spiritually good. 

Then the highlight of the week came after a bacan lesson. Harold, the branch mission leader who was teaching with us, got a call from the Branch President asking him to come with us to the church. We went there and he expressed to us his great difficulties and his lack of hope in terms of things improving. I then felt impressed to ask if he wanted a blessing. It was weird because like....I´ve never blessed someone with a higher authority than myself. Nonetheless, after what seemed like a minute of pure silence he said yes. It was an amazing feeling and I can´t express it in words, but I felt a true power pass through me, and I have a even stronger testimony now that I possess the God-given authority of the Priesthood. 

That was pretty much my week in a nutshell. I hope you all have an awesome week and enjoy the end of this wonderful April season. ¡El fin se acerca! 

- Elder Dax Rich

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