March 9, 2015

No Longer Am I A Sister Missionary (January 19, 2015)

As is custom: once a missionary exceeds 18 months in the field, he finally is worthy of becoming called an elder (since sister missionaries only serve 18 months). I completed 18 months 2 days ago, so now I am official! 

So, first things first: Happy Birthday to Bishop Larry Rich! He turned 34 yesterday and is looking forward to a year full of success and family!

In other news, I have been living the crazy mission life. Yesterday, I sang a solo at the graduation for Seminary and Institute in the stake center. One month ago, the stake president of Miraflores (my current zone) called me out from Piura Central to ask if I would sing this solo to a song that a friend of his wrote. He said that Hermana Workman (who was with me in Paita a few months back) would play the piano and a future missionary would play the violin. I accepted, and yesterday I performed for a group of about 200. It brought back a lot of memories and made me super super happy...and I also scored like 15 pictures with girls, 3 petitions to get the recording of my performance, and many girls asking for my number. No, chiste, I can`t call girls here besides the mission president`s wife, so I didn`t give out my number. But it was pretty funny being hounded by girls asking if I was the next David Archueta and super spiritual as well.

I also have been having a blast with my new District Leader, Elder Schreiber: my first companion in Pueblo Nuevo. We do crazy things together (such as turn our group of 5 missionaries into One Direction), and we are just crazy fellows together. The picture I attached is of us at Chili`s with some other Elders in the zone. 

The area of Tacalà is also super amazing. They have had like 20-30 baptisms in just one year, and the members are super-amazing. I hope to learn a few things in this last area that I can use back home to help the work progress even more!

I hope you all have an awesome week and que el Señor les bendiga muchísimo! 


- Elder Dax Rich

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