March 9, 2015

Miraflores + Piura Central (February 2, 2015)

It is pretty funny. My current zone and my old zone have joined together twice during the past week. The first time was to participate in a Piura city-wide service. So, 5 zones were put into the city to clean up, and it just so happened that Piura Central and Miraflores were joined together. Go figure.
Then, today we went on the craziest P-Day adventure thus far. We all got up at 5 AM to go to some waterfalls in the outskirts in Piura. It was a 2 and a half to a 3 hour journey to get there and then another hour to walk up the mountain to get to the falls. It was intense, but the pictures were well worth it. Seriously, I for sure discovered a gift in leadership here in my mission. It was STRESSFUL but I kept everything moving like clockwork (Humility included).
It looks like this coming week I will be doing another gig in Piura Central to sing for their graduation ceremony for Seminary and Institutes. I seriously need to get this song recorded for everyone back home.
Well, there is always a lot to write about, but for now I will keep the rest of the stories nicely wrapped up and waiting for you all when I get back home. Enjoy the pictures!! ¡Cuìdense mucho!
Elder Dax Rich

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