March 9, 2015

Que No Parela Fiesta (January 26, 2015)

Allow me to start my email with this great quote from Gordon B. Hinckley (the prophet before the current one in our times): "No te preocupes, las cosas saldrán bien."

Many adventures took place this week: yesterday, for example, I played chicken with a drunk on his motortaxi. #almostdied. Luckily, it "missed me by that much" yohoho. I also met a girl who is suuuper similar to my sister. I think of her now as "Latin Aimee." I miss Aimee. I got to ride in the President´s car to do room inspections, which was awkwardly awesome. I found a bakery close to our apartment and have been eating "cachangas" nonstop (ya fueron mis ejercicios). We placed a baptismal date with 4 guys for this coming month. And...well maybe I will expound a bit on these last two:

First off, today we went to Papa John´s with President Calderon: the first counselor in the stake. He took us and Sister Workman and Sister Maidana out to thank us for the music last Sunday. It was super fun as we also went with some other leaders who I knew from my time in Santa Julia. We laughed a lot and I got to know everyone a lot better. There is a picture attached below. 

The other story is a little more serious. On Saturday we were going home a bit late after a long lesson and got a call from the Assistants to the President. They said they were in an emergency and needed the 10 Zone Leaders in Piura to rush to the center and search every bus station for an elder who had escaped from his companion in Paita and was now on his way home to Lima. We rushed over and I said a quick prayer to help. After searching 2 stations, we ran to a third, found that a bus was getting ready to leave, and got on to look for him. We couldn´t see anyone that looked like an elder so we left. However, before leaving the station, I felt impressed to ask if the driver had a list of the passengers (something that seemed dumb because I mean....we are in Piura, Peru, pues). Surprisingly, he did, and the elder´s name was there! We called the AP´s who zoomed over, got on the bus, talked to the elder, and left without him. They said "yeah, he is going home. We can´t stop him." My heart dropped. I felt so sad and wished I knew what to say to change his mind, but couldn´t think of anything. We left, and then suddenly one of the assistants stopped short, and ran back. Five minutes later he, his companion, and the runaway elder came walking out of the station. Long story short, yesterday we talked with the APs, who said the elder changed his mind after talking with the President and APs and was going to stay. I know the Spirit works through us to do the Lord´s work, and that this work is the most important work anyone could ever do here on this Earth. May we all one day come to feel that this is true.

That is enough of my adventures for the week. ¡Cuídense mucho!

- Elder Dax Rich

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