February 24, 2014

Not as Hot... But Still Hot (Feb. 24, 2014)

If any of you are reading my sister´s blog, then you will know that missionary life is crazy and stressful. Maybe my blog hides that fact, but the reality is that yes, life is very, very crazy as a missionary in Piura, Peru. There are lots of good moments to share but also a lot of... "¡asu macho!" moments. Luckily for the hearts and welfare of all at home, I am filling these digital pages with lots of good moments and testimony-building experiences. 

But to share a trail that has finally become a huge blessing: for the second (and more than likely last time) my favorite investigator/ good friend here in Capullanas has accepted the invitation to be baptized and after over 2 months teaching him, he is planning to be baptized at the end of March. I have prayed for this guy for weeks in just about every moment possible, and last night when we met with him he not only accepted baptism but shared some very neat experiences. He told us how he felt the Spirit so strong in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, how he always felt good when he read the Book of Mormon, and how he wanted to change his life and repent when he really got to understand who is Jesus Christ. He then said that after his baptism and all of that, he wants to prepare himself to one day serve a mission to give back everything God has given to him. (Baptism first, my friend!) But wow! Seriously, his testimony was like a shotgun of the Spirit because he literally blew me out of my seat and I could not say anything after that. Long story short, I am super excited to hopefully see the baptism of my good friend here.

I also got to take part in the baptism of a good friend of mine here. The other elders in the ward have been teaching him, but he is always visiting with me and likes to go out and teach with us. He is a fireball, and he finally got baptized yesterday! I will send the pictures next week.

Sorry that there are no photos this week, but the next time I will send some lovely pictures of the wedding we helped prepare and host as well as the "zoo" we visited today for P-Day. The highlight was truly the monkeys, but the zoo pretty much consisted of rabbits, dogs, and parrots: the three most common animals here in Piura. Regardless, we had a good time.

Thanks for all of the prayers and love sent down here in South America! I am sending up some love of my own as well as a "happy end of the hottest part of the year" here in Piura. 

Dios les bendiga y cuídense mucho

- Elder Dax Rich

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