February 2, 2014

Another Week in the Hottest Place on Earth (Jan 13, 2014)

Sunburns, dehydration, and lots of chica morada. Yeah, that is the life here in Piura, Perú. With that, we have also experienced a lot of missionary success this week as well as a lot of wonderful experiences with the Spirit and helping people come unto Christ.

But, there are some things that most come first....like the dog in our ward. Yes, it is a sin that I have not written yet about the dog in our ward! Every Sunday, she follows her master to church, sits patiently under the seats during Sacrament Meeting, and then accompanies her master to every other class. She is the most obedient dog I have ever seen and she is just full of the Spirit! She also looks a lot like my old dog, Peaches, so just another reason why she is my favorite perrito here in Perú! 

We also went shopping today, and besides running into an awesome zampoña, a beautiful Catholic church, and awesome CDs of music from the Romantic era, I also encountered some great US movies in Español! My Big Fat Greek Wedding, in Español, Ferris Buller´s Day Off, in Español, and then the one that knocked me off my feet in excitement: "Cantando Bajo la Lluvia." Yeah, to sum it  up: awesome P-Day. 

I will keep this email short, so I will just leave it all at that. It is kind of like the plates of Mormon, the prophet. He only wrote an abridgement of everything, and if you want to hear more, you will have to patiently wait and study these words that you have now. (Yeah, a little apostosía there haha whoops).

Anyways, thanks to all! You are all in my prayers and thoughts, and I hope everything is enjoying a little bit of coolness in this Winter season! 

¡Cuídense mucho!

- Elder Dax Rich

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