October 27, 2014

Last Beach Day (October 13, 2014)

Well, today marked the last P-Day for me in the beaches of Paita. And, to celebrate it nice and good, we went to the beach closest to Pueblo Nuevo: the beach in Colán. It is also the only beach you will find if you look at most traveler´s guides about beaches in Piura. It was quite sweet, but it turned into a big game of monopoly after a series of interesting events transpired. Oh well.

So, the week was quite an interesting week of emotions and faith. The highlight (besides the conferences) was a super cool moment I had on Thursday. So, if you all remember, a while back I sent an email about the "Book of Mormon Challenge" to prove if the book is divinely-inspired, or not. Well, Thursday, I took the REAL Book of Mormon Challenge. I have always heard stories of people praying, opening up the Book to a random page, and then finding the EXACT answer they needed to a question. I won´t tell you all of the details transpiring to the event, but I did just that. I gave a quick prayer, whipped open the book to a random page, read one first, and then thought to read the next verse too. Those two verses contained EXACTLY the information and guidance I needed in that exact moment. I was blown away, and my testimony of the Book of Mormon shot through the roof. So, thanks to this REAL challenge, yes, I do testify that the Book is divinely-inspired.
Well, next week were get transfers. I will be leaving and only the Lord knows where I will go. Let´s wait and see! I pray the best for everyone back home and hope that everyone is healthy and happy! Enjoy your October! ¡Cuídense!

- Elder Dax Rich

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