November 24, 2014

Adventures in Piura Central (November 10, 2014)

The adventures here never end. I am currently with Elder Eddington and ANOTHER Gringo, Elder Palmer while his companion is in Lima. 3 Gringos = Trouble. We also have a mission-wide meeting this Saturday so I will see EVERYONE from the mission in one meeting. It will be stellar! We will be listening to Elder Evans of the Missionary Board or something like that,.and I will get to conduct the music #drummajorstyle. We have a whole lot of adventures in store this week.

This past Sunday we also got to see something really special. A brother who we visited in the hospital last week came to church. He then asked to speak and told the whole ward that he had been diagnosed with an illness in which only 1 out of every 100 lived. He and his family hadn`t told anyone because of the seriousness of the illness, and he was sure he was dead. Nevertheless, he survived, and he testified to us that it was because of the blessing we gave him and the calling in the church that he had recently received that kept him alive. He told us he knew that the Lord had a job for him to do and that He saved his life so that he could fulfil his calling. Talk about a testimony on callings! 

Anyways, Elder Eddington and I have been doing great. We have a fangroup of 20 6-12 year old girls who follow us everywhere, even to church! We also got gold medals for our last acting pèrformance at a church event last week, so we are the coolest Gringo companionship around! 

I hope everyone is doing well and that you are all feeling the Savior`s love. May we all come unto Him in prayer and faith.

¡CuĂ­dense mucho!

- Elder Dax Rich

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