January 13, 2014

La Última Carta de 2013 (December 30, 2013)

Wow, how fast did 2013 go! One year ago I was taking finals at BYU and freezing to death, and now here I am starting a new round of transfers (still with Elder Benitez) and (as usual) melting to death! Oh how the time flies! Luckily, I certainly have grown over the year and lost some weight, so progress indeed! And just wait until next year! Ooo how much growth we all will see in each other! Lo creo! ( I believe it!) But anyways, I hope you all enjoyed Christmas and are all ready for the New Year with resolutions (that you probably won`t keep, but should try!) and with lots of fun plans! I will try to make some resolutions to keep (for real!). 

I will also try to keep this letter short, because I am sure everyone is busy this week. Thus, I will write about the baptism this week, along with the interesting story around it. So, we had a baptism for a girl named Maria on Saturday and on Friday she needed to be interviewed by the district leader to see if she was ready for baptism. So, we went to her house to bring her and her mother to the church to get the interview, and well we were surprised when we found out from the grandfather that they had left for the day and wouldn`t be back until 8 PM. We then found out that the District Leader also was not around and so we couldn't contact either one. So, with literally nowhere to turn, we went back to our room, closed the door, and began to pray. We prayed for like10 minutes that all would work out and that Maria (who has been preparing for 5 months to be baptized) could get her chance tomorrow. Long story short, that night at 8 PM, we felt we should go apologize to Maria and tell her she couldn't be baptized because she didn`t get the interview, and we ran into the grandfather again. He said, oh, she is with two other guys who look like you two in your church right now. We looked at each other, literally darted for the church, and found that Maria was indeed in her baptismal interview with the District Leader, who later told us that he felt a distinct impression to visit Maria at 8 PM in her house instead of attend to his appointment at the same hour. Thus, Maria had the interview, passed, and the next day was baptized by Elder Rich. En verdad, ¡un loco día! (In truth, a crazy day!) However, it was a powerful testimony to Elder Benitez and me of the power of pray. As Jesus Christ himself commanded, "Orar siempre(!)"  (that is to say, "Pray always(!)")

I love you all and pray that all of you will have a wonderful new year and will find lots of peace and joy, especially with your families! 

¡Cuidense! (Take care!)

- Elder Dax Rich

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