July 29, 2013

Week 1

Hey everyone, my first week has finally come to an end and I have lots of fun to share with everyone. First off, my P-Day here is Thursday so you can expect an update from me on Thursday and then get Aimee´s update tomorrow on Fridays.

Peru life is very different from the US life, yet also similar in some ways. The food is pretty good, and I have actually had beans at only one meal. However, I have had rice at every meal and either chicken or fish on the side. I love it. There are some weird foods though, like there is a fruit that has slimy seeds in the middle that you are suppossed to slurp and it literally looks like snot. We also have cereal with yogurt instead of milk, and it is actually pretty good, but you can´t have a lot or it gets too sweet and fatty.
The weather is very cool here, and in fact my companion and I have almost resorted to wearing sweaters here. I know it is like 90 degrees back home, and here it is like 60 all day long, so my heart goes out to you all. the MTC, or CCM, is actually very small. It is only 3 buildings: a cafeteria with an auditorium, the office building, and the combined dormitory, classroom, and chapel building. We have about 150 people here now, and next week 65 are supposed to come in and replace 20 people who will leave.

Oh, side note: please don´t send me packages while at the CCM. Basically, I won´t get them, so don´t send them until I get to Piura. And mail is best sent through the pouch system, at least until I get to Piura.
I got a sweet tie today from the temple´s store in Lima: a tie of the Lima temple made of Llama fur. It is quite sweet and you should all feel it when I get home.
ok, now the two good stories before I end:

1) Everyone here plays soccer. that is just what Peruvians and Americans do when they get together. I then I decided to just play goalie and not get in the bloodbath of the little Peruvians. So, as i was playing a great goalie, a little like 3 foot tall Peruvian booked it over to me and shot the ball right at me. His perfect aim benefitted him quite well as he smashed my crotch with his great Peruvian force. It was a wonderful day.
2) this actually was one of the seriously scariest moments of my life and this is far more serious than my firs story. Last night, one of the Peruvians in my room came up to my companion and I and complained about something in super fast spanish so we could not understand. He was sweating and finally just left us and hopped into bed and said "turn off the lights now." So, we did, and we got in our beds. A minute later we hear him mumble something, progressively getting louder. It sounded like he was chanting a phrase and we were like....okay then. But, he kept getting louder to the point that he was screaming this word. He then instantly went back to whispering, and then suddenly started screaming again. We were horrified and had literally no idea what to do. he then yelled, "Elder!" so I got up and ran over to him. i turned on the lights and he grabbed me and said "Help me please; take me to the president." He was totally pale and didn´t look at me when he talked, so I lifted him up, ran him to a guy who wasn´t yet in his pajamas and had him run this poor guy to the president. I walked back into my room and my companion and I looked up what the elder was saying in Spanish with our dictionary. We found out that he was saying "Get away." So, say what you will, but that was by far one of the scariest moments of my life and for sure a testament that the Devil will do whatever he can to stop the work of God. Scary scary stuff.
Anyways, with that fun story i will end my post for this week. Please feel free to email me at the email I have listed on facebook and I will try to respond as quick as I can! I hope all is well for everyone!
- Elder Rich

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