July 21, 2013

July 18, 2013 - 1st Letter Peru MTC

Hey everyone!

So, I have been in Lima, Peru for the past 10 hours now and I already love the location. Besides being 20 degrees cooler than home, the location is just wonderful. Lima is a dirty, congested, and foggy city, but at the same time humble and simple. It is like New York City mixed with Mexico. I absolutely love the location, even with the crazy J-walkers, 30 person minivans, and pizza stores no bigger than my kitchen. I am already sure I will love my time out here in Peru, and I am excited to share my adventures with everyone back home!

So back to yesterday, my flights were pretty nice, even though I never sat next to anyone who spoke English on any flights, except the first where the man was asleep literally the entire time. When I got to Miami, I was expecting to see many elders and sisters waiting to fly on my flight with me, but by the time I got on the plane and landed, I learned that I only had two sisters on the same flight. The other 31 missionaries were on a later flight that landed at 3 a.m. this morning. Counting my blessings there. I also discovered that all of my clocks were an hour fast so my companion and I have been early to everything this morning.
Oh, and onto my companion. I have a picture of him, but I don´t have the time to post pictures right now, which is sad because I have lots of lovely shots of the Peru MTC. Anyways, my companion is an 18-year old fresh out of high school who has three years of Spanish under his belt, so he is helping me out a lot. I have only met one other person who has no Spanish experience, so I certainly feel very foreign and awkward amongst so many natives and Spanish smarties. Nonetheless, I am sure all will work out. I also ran into a guy from my hall at BYU this past year who has been in the Peru MTC for 3 weeks now. I had no idea he was even coming here so that was rather cool, even if he didn´t remember my name hahaha.
I exchanged my money today for the Peruvian currency and got 800+ in whatever this currency is. I know, I should know what it is called by now, buuut I guess that´s just something else I need to learn. Anyways, I felt rich so it was a good day for Elder Rich (yohoho).
Besides enjoying the night life of Lima, there hasn´t been any truly inspiring story to share with everyone yet, so I will just keep this first post small. I will hopefully post pictures next time around so you all can enjoy my new camera´s capabilities and be inspired by the wonders of Peru. I am certain this will be a wonderful experience, and I know I will change a lot by the time I get back.
Peru is a wonderful, humble, and genuine place. The people are kind, confident, and give off a feeling of loving life. I cannot wait to serve them, and I am sure they will teach me a thing or two before I leave.
I pray for everyone back home, and hope all is well with everyone. I am excited to share my stories as a missionary for God with everyone, and I appreciate everyone´s love and support for me. Letters, notes, and cards have been uplifting and encouraging to me and I thank everyone who sent them. May God be with everyone until we meet again, and may He bless you as well.
Elder Dax Rich

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  1. I'm so glad that Dax made it safe and sound and is loving his first few hours there!