June 23, 2014

Gotta Train ´Ém All (June 16, 2014)...no letter on the 9th

Out with the one companion, in with the new hijo. I am now the District Leader in a grupo familiar who is a training a new missionary. Talk about a lot to do! I am with an Elder in my district for the next two days and so Wednesday I will go to get my new companion. Therefore, next week I will send you all the great details.
As for this week, well it was quite the adventure saying goodbye to my old companion and getting a 2-day party in Lima. So, a Little about Lima. We flew to Lima and did some paperwork one day, and for the whoooole afternoon we sat and ate 8 pizzas (for 10 people) and then walked the streets in Lima. The people literally just dropped us off at our hotel and said they would see us the next day, so we decided to go on some adventures through Lima (pictures next week). We saw some great sights, ate some great Chinese food, and then the next day we were terribly lied too as they promised to take us all to the temple (which would have been my first time since the CCM in the temple). Needless to say, we were all quite angry, especially the sister missionaries. Girls.

We also had a party on our last night as a district, and we all got over our emotional goodbyes, in preperation for our new assignments. I certainly felt like I had grown a lot in my testimony in this one transfer of 6 weeks. I felt like I grew in my purpose as a missionary, and I felt a stronger sense of meaning, hope, and faith. I hope that as time goes on the work I do here can translate into blessings for all of you back home.  I know the work is true and I know that this is the only true church of God. It is something that no one can deny to me and something I hold quite dear and true to my heart.

I hope everyone back home enjoyed their Father´s Day, and that everyone felt the importance of their family during this important holiday. Families are central to the plan of God, and more than anything else He wants us to be with our families forever. (Just another reason why I wanted to get to that temple in Lima!) I hope everyone marks on their calenders the opening of the Hartford Temple so that you can all be there when it is open!

Thanks to all and my love to everyone! ¡Cuídense mucho!

- Elder Dax Rich

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