April 11, 2014

The After-Party (April 7, 2014)

General Conference coupled with 2 birthday parties made this weekend super, super bacan/wonderful. The bishop and his family threw a party for me to thank me for all of the service I personally have done in the ward, and my district came to celebrate and eat my cake…er I mean, share my cake with me. It was a very fun party that ended with cake in my face. 

We then left and the Elders went back to my room only to stumble upon another birthday party, where our friend Alex (the professional baker/chef) made a cake "de tres leches." Needless to say, I died and went to heaven, but also gained about 30 pounds.

Then the next day was General Conference, and I must share just 5 thoughts that answered prayers for me and also were just very powerful. 
1) from the Apostle Jeffrey R. Holland: Pure Christ-like love can change the world.
2) from President Henry B. Eyring: People resist the love of God, but He does not give up on them, and neither should we. 
3) from the Apostle Richard G. Scott: Helping other to feel your love helps them to feel the love of God.
4) from President Dieter F. Uchtdorf: Be thankful for the rain, not just the rainbow.
5) from the Prophet Thomas S. Monson: The real test of courage is an inner-battle: to do what is right even at the cost of friends, status, etc.

I really learned a lot from Conference and invite those of you who didn{t get a chance to see it to check it out at www.mormon.org or here:http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdNjexbIS_NKJC4ZRwKf9ag

The best to all of you and ¡Dios les bendiga! ¡CuĂ­dense muchĂ­simo! 

- Elder Dax Rich

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