September 16, 2013

The Big Email From The Field

Greetings from Tumbes!

So the last week was literally like going between two different worlds. Lima was the closest thing to America I will see for two years, because here in Tumbes, I live in the smallest house in existence on the top floor of some lady´s house. The good part is that I have a nice view. Anyways, my new companion´s name is Elder Chavez and yes, he is a Latino. So, no more English for me. That was also a huge difference. Going from a place where people were learning Spanish to a place where people are just barely learning English was very much a culture shock for me. It is super hard to just nosedive into this culture, but it is worth it. A lot of great blessings have come from this already. But before that, a little bit more about my area: It is all sand and huts, and people walk everywhere. The church house is very small and the doors do not close, so you can hear every class no matter where you are.

Okay, I just ran out of time so rapido: I have felt the Spirit here so often in just 5 days. When I bear my simple testimony with the little Spanish I know, I can feel the Spirit in the room and see its effect on peope´s faces. I urge everyone back home to pray. For whatever. Just pray. It literally is life changing when done addressing Heavenly Father in the name of Jesus Christ. I can´t even explain it. Seriously, just try it.

I hope to write much more next week, but I for now just have to leave it at, this is verrrry different from home and the hardest thing I have ever done by far. My Econ class was like 1st grade stuff compared to this. However, this work is totally worth it. People´s lives are changing, including my own, and I want to help as many people as I can come unto Christ and realize that they can be with their family forever. That is the best message I can share with the people here, and it holds a great deal of power. Anyways, enjoy the photos and know my prayers are with you all!

With love,
Elder Dax Rich

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